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Today I almost started the xbox 360 clock, by which I mean the non working 360. When checked was working so I’ve taken it back home!! But never fear I have another one that definatly does not work.

The plan so far is to totally gut it to just a case, add a standard clock movement then pimp it with 24 LEDs telling the time digitally somehow.
I have ideas just need to do some R+D then get it done.

When finished I will publish a new page with a full run down of what we’ve done, like a WIP.

Stayed tuned for more.

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Well  here it is, our first completed project whilst at NottingHack.  As previously posted HERE we completed teh first stage of the Atari vibrati punk console ( which will now be known as `AVPC`). Now stage 2 is (more…)

First Night at NottingHack.

Posted: June 15, 2011 in NottingHack

Last night was our first night at Nottinghack  Evening Build Workshop for the `stay calm and solder` with the Vibrati Punk Console.

`The Vibrati Punk Console is a beginner-friendly electronic music project that can be finished in one evening. The simple circuit generates an amazing range of retro warbles, screams, glitches, fuzzes and tone ramps.` (more…)

Arcade cab

Posted: June 14, 2011 in Gaming

My current arcade cab quickly snapped. More to come in better quality.

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Nondo X – Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Stats Verse.

if ur really that bothered heres my stats for BF:BC2 on the Xbox360.

just testing apps n crap out!!

Tech savvy with my blackberry

Posted: June 14, 2011 in Randoms

Just found the wordpress mobile blogging app for the blackberry.
So there’s no excuse not to blog now, there’s no escaping now.
Can you guess where I am right this minute? Here’s a clue, upstairs sat down with my arms on my legs!
Hehe to much info there!

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Here’s a test picture upload via wifi!

Poll Time

Posted: June 14, 2011 in Randoms

I`m finding features, features features