First Night at NottingHack.

Posted: June 15, 2011 in NottingHack

Last night was our first night at Nottinghack  Evening Build Workshop for the `stay calm and solder` with the Vibrati Punk Console.

`The Vibrati Punk Console is a beginner-friendly electronic music project that can be finished in one evening. The simple circuit generates an amazing range of retro warbles, screams, glitches, fuzzes and tone ramps.`

Brought the kit and after a quick pep talk the boy was ready to go, he just sat down and got on with it. His soldering skills are great for a 12 year old who was only doing it fo the 3rd time.

I was just left to sit, read instructions, pass components and watch. He did ask if i wanted to do some but said no at first but eventually had the chance to solder up a few points, which to be honest are the worst looking soldering on the PCB.

Silky skills

Josh in action


Next time weare there Josh will be building an enclosure for it and  getting his hands on some more MAN TOOLS!

Below is the finished project as modelled by me.

Not sleeping!


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