The Atari Vibrati Punk Console.

Posted: June 22, 2011 in NottingHack, Video`s

Well  here it is, our first completed project whilst at NottingHack.  As previously posted HERE we completed teh first stage of the Atari vibrati punk console ( which will now be known as `AVPC`). Now stage 2 is now finished.

Front view.

After much deliberating we decided to keep things simple and purchase our enclosure,which was sourced from WILKINSON`S at a wallet busting 60p and is just a plain and simple plastic food container.

Next up was the fitting, which was a simple case of 5 holes marked up and drilled for the the 4 dials and the on/off switch. The speaker was de-soldered and measured, then the lid had a slightly smaller hole than teh speaker cut into it then glued in position. Which was by far the best and messiest part by far!! Speaker was then re-connected the battery plugged in and tested.

Internal view, all finished.

All in all a cracking little starter project, time to move onto something new.

Look down!! youtube video of it in action. ENJOY.

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