About me!

The about me page,

What to put and how long to ramble on for!

Bullet points i think short, sweet and limits the ramblings.

  • My name is Tom Gwynne
  • Born 9th July 1977
  • Live in Nottingham
  • Married to Sarah (13 years now!!)
  • 2 children, Josh 12 and Charlotte 9
  • Pets = 1 dog, 1 hamster and soon to have a cat
  • Approved Electrician
  • Currently working for TRV Electrical Systems Ltd as their main site supervisor/sparky.3rd in command behind the bosses!!
  • Lots of hobbies and interests, which i`ll list on a later page.
  • Known personna`s on t`net for various sites; Nondo X, Onodo21, Bullet and TaW

That was short and sweet.
You can even follow me on the Twitter @NondoX.


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