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just pre order this right now. I did last year!!

Retro City Rampage: INCREDIBLE Video Game Video Footage in MOVING PICTURES!.


Dreamcast Internal VGA Mod

Posted: April 2, 2012 in Gaming, Links, projects, Retro

One of my biggest gripes with owning a Sega Dreamcast is the crap picture you get from the standard output to a scart socket, especially when you have seen one running in VGA mode!


There are two ways to get the VGA signal, the first is to buy an ever increasing expensive VGA box. Or to make your own which you can put in a box or fit internally.

I have been looking at buying a VGA box but have stumbled across the link below which i am sharing with you here.

mmmonkey Dreamcast Internal VGA Mod.

Im actually going to make two versions of it one to fit internally and a second to pop in an external box.

i will post my builds here when complete.


Happy Gaming.