Games, video games

This page could go under the `interests` page but in my eyes it`s to big and needs its own section.

Games, video games. What can i say, ive always had them ive always played them but my gaming time is getting less and less now days and when i get the time to play  i tend to just watch TV or films.

Yes thats my fault  but i feel i need to be in the right mind set and im just getting to lazy!

My currently connected games systems are:

  1. Nintendo Wii – never play this now, no one does and on the odd occasion i do its usually Mario kart or Wii sports with the kids for 30 minutes or so. My big interest in the Wii was teh modding and hacking side of it and now taht has dried up. Ive hard modded it, soft modded it added homebrewed this homebrewed that but the possibilities are limited and to easy to applynow days tahnks to other peoples hard work. Now GCOS on the other hand was great, it posed many obstacles which i enjoyed over coming and my exlpoits helped many others to over come their issues and i hosted the only full compatability list for all regions on the net.Which sadly is no more. NOW SOLD!!
  2. Xbox 360 – Currently i have 2 working (un-modded!!) SKU`S which are soley for legit game playing and 2 non-working soft modded and banned SKU`s. Both consoles were used for streaming media from my main PC aswell but since ive moved over to windows 7 that option is no more for me as i dont want to mess around with extra software and crappy setting  plus i now have my lovely HTPC and 2 laptops now that do the job as i need. Now with KINECT!
  3. Xbox – In my daughters room again soft modded with an upgarded 500G HDD loaded with emulators for everthing and about 120 xbox games and XBMC. She plays some of teh older games and uses it as a dvd player and sometimes i sneak in to get a quick retro game fix, a little SEGA master system or SNES usually. Recently ive started setting up XBMC for her but just need to re organise folders so she can only get her films and not mine!!!!
  4. Nintendo DS – Nothing to say here, other than i dont like them!
  5. PSP (1000model)- softmodded with various memory cards full of emulators and games. Gets the occasional play and taken camping.
  6. Laptop – Yes this is going down as a games system. I have STEAM and play games on here so its a games system, OK.

My currently non-connected games systems  are:

  1. Playstation – in the loft and needs a biro insert to work. Now have a 2nd Playstation fully working with more pads and games.
  2. Atari 800xl (x2)- in the loft, its not allowed out by order of the wife. My first proper computer and i learnt to write basic with a bi-weekly magazine and still have the game i wrote (copied!)
  3. Amiga 500 – in the loft.
  4. Atari ST – YEP, in the loft.
  5. Blackberry Curve – its not a phone its a PC in my pocket. Games are crap on it but still gets played when at work on the loo.
  6. NEW. Nintendo Entertainment System – got this for free with a stack of games and controllers, fully working. 
  7. NEW. Super Nintendo Entertainment System – also got this for free with a few games and controllers, fully working.
  8. NEW. Sega Megadrive – again this was free with loads of games and two controllers.
  9. NEW. Sega Dreamcast – i paid for this! came with one controller and a 3 games.
  10. NEW. Sega Master System – also paid for this but it is my favourite retro system.
  11. NEW. KTE SKATE android phone, budget big screen offering and the battery life is shocking!!!

Theres my physical collection and i haven`t listed my arcade cabinet as thats having its own page. I did have a massive and i mean massive digital collection of emulators and games ffrom most old computer/games systems but last year i ahd a major HDD failure and lost the lot. Never mind ill collect all the emu`s and roms i want again, one day.


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