Nottingham Hackspace

About Nottingham Hackspace.

Nottinghack is a Nottingham based group for hackers, makers and crafty creatives!

Hacking is NOT to be confused with network hacking, identity theft and computer virus propagation, etc. Nottinghack does not condone anything illegal; hardware Hacking is a creative, educational hobby!

Who is it for? If you like to build, make & learn it’s for you. You’ll probably be interested in learning about and sharing knowledge of electronics, crafts, robotics, DIY, hardware hacking, photography, computing, reverse engineering, prototyping, film making, animation, building RC vehicles and other creative challenges and projects.

You’ll be looking for a group who can share tools, techniques and time; pool resources for bigger projects, get funding, discounts on kits and components and start classes, all in a safe friendly environment!

I have been following this group for a while now maybe a year, but  until now never made contact other than following on twitter due to work commitments.

Sunday that changed while my son and i was out in Nottingham i decided to pop in, as the space was open due to them recently moving into the new premises and a few people were in prepping and sorting. They left quite an impression on us both so i decided to join the group and our first real session with them is tonight (14-6-11) taking part in the `keep calm and solder` evening.

Hopefully we now have a place for projects that wont interfere with the kitchen table at home and access to many more tools and knowledge.


^ ^ LINK ^^

Nottingham Hackspace, also known as HSNOTTS.


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