Here are some of my projects I have going at the moment. Some are finished but still tweaking some are almost done some are still ideas but will get started one day.

Arcade Cab.
Started of as a working JAMMA machine which needed a lot of TLC inside and out. It now works off a stripped down PC using the original arcade monitor, new control panel layout. There will be a link oneday with all the specs and pics.

Arcade Cab number 2.
This will either be a dedicated gun cab running mame or multi system emulator Cab. I’ve not decided yet but either way its going to be built from scratch to my own designs.

Nitro Powered RC monster truck.
I already have this which I purchased 2nd hand off eBay which didn’t work then I Fixed, now it don’t work again. It Was left in shed and the damp has attacked it, new engine setup needed. A lot of time and a bit of cash needed to get it going again.

I have it, it works but needs a lot of work software side to get it totally how I want it. A seperate page needed for all the info and specs. Coming soon.

Plus a few others I haven’t got time to mention.


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