Here’s a quick look at my next little (ish) project.

That GBA sp is going  to be the heart of the 7inch mini arcade machine.

That’s all I saying at the moment!  Lol

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Following on from my last quick project and the issue with the size of the hard drive and NES cart I have decided this time that will not be an issue!


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NES 10 yard fight HDD

Posted: December 10, 2011 in Gaming, Media, NottingHack

So what can you do with a non working copy of 10 Yard Fight on the NES and a redundant 20 gig laptop HDD?



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Look what I got hold of today, a Sega Megadrive 1 with 2 controllers and a cracking selection of games.
All for the price of FREE. What a find!

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blog neglect!

Posted: September 1, 2011 in Randoms

Sorry blog but I’ve neglected you for 8 weeks, never a thought crossed my mind to post here or even acknowledge your existence.
But that is what happens when your so busy with the real world!
I’ve had deadlines to meet, contracts to finish and even slip in 2 week long camping trips.
But don’t feel to upset because I’ve also regrettable not had much time for my family life either which is what I hate the most.

Now the end of crazy season approaches time should be more forgiving and the resurgence of hobbie time will come(but only after a new kitchen has been installed!) so there should be lots more going on here.
I’m hoping to come back here at least once a week too tell you something!!!

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Today I almost started the xbox 360 clock, by which I mean the non working 360. When checked was working so I’ve taken it back home!! But never fear I have another one that definatly does not work.

The plan so far is to totally gut it to just a case, add a standard clock movement then pimp it with 24 LEDs telling the time digitally somehow.
I have ideas just need to do some R+D then get it done.

When finished I will publish a new page with a full run down of what we’ve done, like a WIP.

Stayed tuned for more.

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Well  here it is, our first completed project whilst at NottingHack.  As previously posted HERE we completed teh first stage of the Atari vibrati punk console ( which will now be known as `AVPC`). Now stage 2 is Read the rest of this entry »