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The Sega Master System or in short the `SMS`, was my flavour for 8bit console gaming back in the good old days.

I got mine one christmas can’t remember which christmas but it was a good christmas, it couldn`t of been much after the european release as this one was the in the original big angled case with the extra card slot on the front with 2 built-in games.

Well it was 3 built-in games which i found out about in the following summer as I accidentally found the secret snail maze game!! The 2 other built-in games were, Hang-on and Safari hunt the light phaser game. Yes I had the phaser which is why im a big light gun game fan. If i remember right i also got Operation Wolf  for christmas but i cant be sure.

Anyway this is about my top ten SMS games, not the best games just my favourites in no particular order.

  • Castle of illusion: Staring Mickey Mouse. Ok this is my all time favourite SMS game, it`s the first game i ever completed without any sort of guide or cheating. I’m also practicing to do 2 world record attempts with this game, a speed run and a high score run. These should be pretty easy as no one holds these records but i do want to get them pretty fast and high!
  • Psycho fox. Spent a whole weekend with my then best mate at his house playing this together to get it completed 100%
  • Wonderboy. Loved this one in the arcades, but is pretty faithful on the home system.
  • Wonderboy In Monsterland. My first foray into rpg style gaming. Never completed it but have gotten further on emulators
  • Rambo 3. Who didn`t want to be John Rambo? I did, a brilliant phaser gun game.  
  • Ghouls n Ghosts. Hard as nails then, hard as nails now. I will beat this game one day!
  • Outrun. By far the best arcade racing gamer anywhere. This port is not the best around by a long shot but it was Outrun on my system!
  • R-type. It`s R-type, simples.
  • Rastan. Another game i first played in the arcades on holiday then bought for the SMS.
  • Shinobi. Alot of people hate Shinobi and  there are better versions on other systems but i liked it.

Yes there is no room for any Sonic games or Alex Kidd but Alex kidd in Miracle World was pretty awesome. I could quite easily make the list longer but it is a top 10 list.