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See that picture?

Well its must be at least the 30th speed restriction board I’ve seen this morning and I’ve only been on two main roads / motorways ( M1. M25.)

So far whilst on the M25 I’ve moved 3 miles in just under an hour. My journey should be 2h30m for 142 miles and I’m not even past Heathrow yet!

This post has been written and posted whilst near this gantry board.  It says 40mph but its more like 3mph.
Days like this make me pine for an office job!




First Post.

Posted: June 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well here we go my first post.

So how many bloggers have put that first sentence as their first? I dont know and dont care!!

Well my first job here will be to add a touch of Tom to the site, add some links, categories, info, blah blah blah.