Retro Video Gaming – My Collection

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As the title says this is my retro video game collection. It wont be the biggest or most complete collection out there but a collection of my favourite consoles and games that i never got chance to play or own the first time round.

Two lists i think are needed, one for owned systems and one for wanted systems, let the listing begin. 🙂

Links in RED.


  1. Sega Master System
  2. Nintendo Entertainment System
  3. Sega Megadrive
  4. Super Nintendo
  5. Sega Dreamcast
  6. Sony Playstation
  7. Atari 800xl
  8. Gameboy Advance SP
  9. Amiga
  10. Atari ST

WANT (need!)

  1. NEC TurboGrafx 16
  2. NEC TurboCore
  3. NEC TurboDuo
  4. Panasonic 3D0
  5. Atari Lynx
  6. NeoGeo AES
  7. Pocket NeoGeo Colour 
So the wanted list has 3 different NEC systems, really i only want the Turboduo (or any turbo system with CD link!) that plays the Hu-Cards and CD roms but know i will settle for the TurboGrafx 16 as they are cheap as chips on that auction saite.
Follow the links from the above lists for more on my collections.

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