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Syphon Filter & Tomb Raider 3 for the PSX.  Super Smash Tv & Super Thunder Blade for the Megadrive. 


A quick stop at a games shop I sometimes visit,  whilst on the way home today produced 2 bits of news.

The first is that they have brought out from their franchise and are now independant but are still just as awesome. They are now called ThatGameShop and you can find them in Arnold, Nottingham and  HERE.

The second are the items I purchased, 2 games from my PSX Wanted list and 2 Megadrive games that I had forgotten about! Plus the psx controller extension cable.

Time to go and update my lists!


just watch the trailer, this is a brilliant looking film about a brilliant subject,
Just watch the trailer then go over to their site and buy/pre order something and show the love!


See that picture?

Well its must be at least the 30th speed restriction board I’ve seen this morning and I’ve only been on two main roads / motorways ( M1. M25.)

So far whilst on the M25 I’ve moved 3 miles in just under an hour. My journey should be 2h30m for 142 miles and I’m not even past Heathrow yet!

This post has been written and posted whilst near this gantry board.  It says 40mph but its more like 3mph.
Days like this make me pine for an office job!



The Sega Master System or in short the `SMS`, was my flavour for 8bit console gaming back in the good old days.

I got mine one christmas can’t remember which christmas but it was a good christmas, it couldn`t of been much after the european release as this one was the in the original big angled case with the extra card slot on the front with 2 built-in games.

Well it was 3 built-in games which i found out about in the following summer as I accidentally found the secret snail maze game!! The 2 other built-in games were, Hang-on and Safari hunt the light phaser game. Yes I had the phaser which is why im a big light gun game fan. If i remember right i also got Operation Wolf  for christmas but i cant be sure.

Anyway this is about my top ten SMS games, not the best games just my favourites in no particular order.

  • Castle of illusion: Staring Mickey Mouse. Ok this is my all time favourite SMS game, it`s the first game i ever completed without any sort of guide or cheating. I’m also practicing to do 2 world record attempts with this game, a speed run and a high score run. These should be pretty easy as no one holds these records but i do want to get them pretty fast and high!
  • Psycho fox. Spent a whole weekend with my then best mate at his house playing this together to get it completed 100%
  • Wonderboy. Loved this one in the arcades, but is pretty faithful on the home system.
  • Wonderboy In Monsterland. My first foray into rpg style gaming. Never completed it but have gotten further on emulators
  • Rambo 3. Who didn`t want to be John Rambo? I did, a brilliant phaser gun game.  
  • Ghouls n Ghosts. Hard as nails then, hard as nails now. I will beat this game one day!
  • Outrun. By far the best arcade racing gamer anywhere. This port is not the best around by a long shot but it was Outrun on my system!
  • R-type. It`s R-type, simples.
  • Rastan. Another game i first played in the arcades on holiday then bought for the SMS.
  • Shinobi. Alot of people hate Shinobi and  there are better versions on other systems but i liked it.

Yes there is no room for any Sonic games or Alex Kidd but Alex kidd in Miracle World was pretty awesome. I could quite easily make the list longer but it is a top 10 list.


just pre order this right now. I did last year!!

Retro City Rampage: INCREDIBLE Video Game Video Footage in MOVING PICTURES!.

Dreamcast Internal VGA Mod

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One of my biggest gripes with owning a Sega Dreamcast is the crap picture you get from the standard output to a scart socket, especially when you have seen one running in VGA mode!


There are two ways to get the VGA signal, the first is to buy an ever increasing expensive VGA box. Or to make your own which you can put in a box or fit internally.

I have been looking at buying a VGA box but have stumbled across the link below which i am sharing with you here.

mmmonkey Dreamcast Internal VGA Mod.

Im actually going to make two versions of it one to fit internally and a second to pop in an external box.

i will post my builds here when complete.


Happy Gaming.


Last night I decided to get off my arse and head over to Hackspace and do making!

So here’s what I made, a prototype mini arcade cabinet using some 3mm particle board and a hot glue gun.


Here’s some pictures of the build






Just need to finish getting my parts and finish soldering the cables to the donor GBA SP. Also get inducted on the laser cutter, then I can get on with the final build.

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